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Yesterday I headed out to Best Buy and picked up a Western Digital 320GB My Book external hard drive with some of my graduation money. I’ve been wanting one for a while now since I haven’t done a backup, ever. The drive comes with automated backup software which is a plus and it only was $139. Great deal. I got home around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. After getting the drive all set I played around with it and stuff. Around 6pm I got a call from Andrew asking me if I wanted to go with him and a few others to see Live Free or Die Hard. Even though I already saw it I agreed because it was an awesome movie. He came by at around 6:15 to pick me up and we headed over to the theaters. We got our tickets and headed in where we met up with Kel, Joey, and some others. Good moments spurred during the movie.

After the movie we headed to Mel’s and everyone had water and various fries. We joked around during the whole time. Once we got done someone came up with the idea to check out our now former high school. When Andrew and I were getting close Christina called and said she was at Andrew’s house waiting for him. So we quickly turned around and picked her up and drove back to Vanden. When we got their it was dark as fuck and didn’t realize the only car parked in the parking lot belonged to Joey. After finding out it was his we parked. We got out and saw the rest of the guys. Andrew ran over and tripped on a fence that was rendered invisible by the darkness. Laughs were exposed. Christina and I got over just fine. Then all of us ventured in. Some of the portables were torn up with doors and windows missing. Panels and other things dangling from the roof. It was creepy. A few lights from various machines freaked us out. Then we got to the overhang with all the lockers. It was pitch black and the wind was blowing through the place. As it howled we walked forward slowly. Andrew got freaked when the wind picked up part of a plastic cover. We got through and made it to the other side where we went slower. We noticed lights on in one of the hallways and stayed clear. There was also a beeping sound we kept hearing as we got closer to the second locker area. Most of us didn’t want to get closer to the other lockers but Joey and one other went in. They were gone for a good 5 minutes and during that time we heard more noises and lockers slamming shut. They still were not back when we decided to head back and we also didn’t feel like going through the first locker area again so we went around it. As we did Joey and the other guy came running up and it freaked us out. We headed back to the cars and looked at some of the other classes. Windows were boarded up and others were so dark you couldn’t see very far into the rooms. Everything was still in position. It was fucking freaky. Half of the group parked near the field so they headed that way while Andrew, Christina, Joey, and I headed towards the parking lot. Before Joey left he checked his trunk as we were all pretty freaked out. Then Andrew, Christina, and me drove off.

I ended up getting home at 11 something and went to bed. Fun night.


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