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[22:05] flarpo101: yeah you have the post-grad bug
[22:05] nfxfsxwarx: bunch of shit going on my side
[22:05] flarpo101: liikie
[22:05] nfxfsxwarx: emo about school, no one was fucking home, grandpa dying, been left home alone for 6 out of the last 9 days, fending for myself
[22:06] nfxfsxwarx: it has sucked
[22:06] flarpo101: eeeesh… gotta get out man
[22:06] flarpo101: we’ll hang this week aight
[22:06] nfxfsxwarx: let me rephrase that
[22:06] nfxfsxwarx: grandpa is dying
[22:06] nfxfsxwarx: not dead yet
[22:06] flarpo101: yeah i figured

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