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These last few weeks have been a perfect example of how all things, no matter what it may be, end. From school to life. There is no stopping this fate. From the beginning everyone knew school was just a period of life lasting many years. Now that I think about it and look back I miss it. The days of standing around at lunch with friends or finding ways to entertain myself in class. It is never coming back, or, as the System of a Down’s Highway Song says, “Our days are never coming back.” Now school wasn’t the only thing to end for me. The Thursday before the final week of school my relationship with Jennifer ended. It was quite a bit to take in. The following day was the senior trip to Great America. I mainly kept the news to myself but let a select few in on the situation. I knew it would end eventually but was not quite sure when. Now it seems I am entering a new relationship. I put the thoughts of the bad possibilities in the back of my mind. They are not wanted. But as with everything, it will not last.

The next great “End” to hit, and will very soon, is the death of my grandpa. Everyday comes news that he will not last very long (and the number of days/weeks vary). What is certain is that the clock is winding down. It will be another hurdle to work through. All I can do is try to overcome it and think about the uncertain future, well, not too uncertain.

Maybe I’m just a bit emo tonight.


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  1. maybe it’s not an ending, but a beginning of something new…

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