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The last 24 or so hours have been crazy. Yesterday evening was our graduation ceremony. It was a big event and everyone was all tied up with emotions running high. My forehead muscles were sore from squinting because all the graduates faced the sun while everyone else had it to their backs (jerks). Speeches were given, songs sung, poems, uh, something. Yes, there was waterworks activity. When we went up to accept our graduation we got an empty folder for our diploma so everyone had to go get the diploma after. Must be too hard for the school to give them out in a organized fashion. Anyway, my usual group got together after the ceremony for pictures near our oh-so-glorious wall. Once those memories were digitized (lol, sounds like Digimon shit) we headed off, but that wasn’t the end of our day.

Andrew came over at around 9:45pm and told me that Sober Grad Night (and if you are wondering, it is cheaper being non-sober) didn’t start for a few hours so we played some 360. As it got around 10:45pm we headed to the school to get ready. Once there we signed in and got our passes and T-shirt. The T-shirt was white but I said fuck it and wore it since it was the last time most of us would see each other. I looked at the prizes they planned on giving away. Microwave, Xbox 360, digital cameras, and lots more. I talked to a bunch of people after the prize scouting. There was also a laser tag feud, but I’ll get to that in a bit. The “official’s” (one of them being Andrew’s mom) for the night’s event called everyone around to tell them the rules and such. Then it was off to the buses. Most of the group was on my bus, #4, while a few lost souls went on the other three. During the ride over there Aaron and I listened to my iPod and the rocking Metal playlist I have. A little Arch Enemy, some Devildriver, an entry of In Flames, and some others. As soon as we got there some guy from Scandia (the place where the event was) talked to us about rules and other crap. Once he got done we got off.

The first order of business was heading in to check out what was going on. We walked into the arcade section and found a plethora of shooting, racing, a pinball games. As I was walking through I saw Kathy who I previously challenged to laser tag. She was looking for someone so I ended up helping her. After finding said friend she wanted to play some games. So we went over to the arcade and played some racing game. The machine I was on had to have been screwed up because the steering wheel would jump around on me sending the car flying out of control. The first of many failures to come. After a few more arcade games we decided to talk a walk around the miniature golf course. There were comments from both of us about the course and the people playing it. When we made our rounds around the course (wordplay!) we decided to check out the go-karts. This would play a role in the rest of my time at Scandia. We waited in line watching the other graduates race each other. Kathy and I competed on trying to figure out how many laps each race was. I said 12 but I think it came out to 13 or 14. Finally it got to our turn. Considering it was at around 2am I am sketchy on which position I started in so bare with me here. I believe I started in front of Kathy but as the first lap started I got passed up. Throughout the race I tried to pass her but I was cut off a few times so I resorted to dirty tactics that including bumping and such. Finally on the final lap on the last turn I floored it and passed her. The actual case of who won between us is controversial. We both have our statements on that and it came up repeatedly throughout the night. After we got done arguing about our positions we signed ourselves up for laser tag at 4am. Then it was back to the arcades for air hockey. It was dangerous. My head was close to being taken off a few times by flying pucks. It also probably didn’t help that my reaction times were pretty slow which lead to a significant lead for Kathy. And by significant I mean a ton to zero. A quick Gatorade later and it was time for some miniature golf. Kathy said that she never really played it before and wasn’t good at it. Was this my chance at winning? I wish. We got our clubs and headed out. The first hole I made par while Kathy made a bogey. Things we looking up for me. Then we got to the second hole. The downward spiral started. I got a triple bogey and the next hole was a double bogey. Meanwhile I was letting Kathy slide for doing some “non-golf” tactics. Halfway through our adventure into the magically land I was having my balls come back to me or fly off into the grass. Yeah, not good, but it wasn’t the worst part. We reached the hole where the ball goes through a castle. I let Kathy go first and her ball went through easily and popped out on the plane below. Now it was my turn. I whack the little fucker and it bounces off the castle to come back at me. I try again. Same fucking thing. So I got crazy, pick up the ball, and chuck the fucker in the castle. Bad idea. I never saw my ball after that. It never came out. What. The. Fuck. So for the remainder of the course Kathy and I did co-op mini-golf. It was interesting. A pain inducing moment came when Kathy kicked some rubber thing on a rope that covered one of the holes. It looked lighter than it was. Once the disaster called miniature golf was over we were once again in the arcade for a quick shooting game. I owned some pixelated fuckers. Christina came by and told us to meet her at the go-karts at 3am so we could get a group race. We accepted and headed over once it reached 2:50am. All of us met in line and I brought up my last minute victory while Kathy defended her “victory.” Then it came down to our group. We quickly got to our karts. I attempted to take one when Christina said that she wanted that one, so I went behind her to the next kart. Whatever. Kathy was already in first before the race started while I was in the back with Matt, Aaron, and Chris. Game faces were put on and it was time to rock. Go time. We raced off and I was in 4th place while Kathy was first and Aaron in pursuit. Chris and Matt were behind me. We got to the second lap and Chris passed me up on a straightaway sending me to 5th place. Meanwhile Kathy got passed up by Aaron sending her to 2nd place. Around lap 8 Matt and I were struggling to defy each other. I pulled in front of him to keep him behind me. It worked for the most part until he managed to pass me as I was almost fishtailing around a turn. At the end I lost and Kathy was in the top 3. As we got out she put the smack down on me. While we walked back I admitted that she won (for the most part). But now it was time for the big game. Laser fucking tag. Oh it was on. We headed to the meeting area for it. The Scandia people opened up the “briefing room” and told us the information to play. Through another door and we were putting on our armor. Kathy and I ended up on Red Team. They let us in the arena and we took up positions. I planned on playing defense. The first game started and I was taking people out left and right while defending our stations. Midway through I got tagged and had to retreat to our “supply point” to get armor and ammo. The last part of the game I got a little more aggressive taking out the attackers. The speakers sounded meaning game one was over. Everyone checked their scores. I was nowhere near first place (neither was Kathy), but Red Team was victorious. I shouted taunts and war cries. Game two was about to begin. Fuck yeah. Chris was the main attacker for our team while Kathy and I stayed back as defense. Blue Team sent five or so attackers each run to overwhelm us but we managed to push them back each time. Then they started sending more in and I had to go backwards firing at them. One of the Blues ran up on me and I fell back against the wall firing at them and managed to take them out without getting hit. Now I was pissed. I took position in between two barrels and put my gun the in gap which gave me a good view of one of the main routes to attack the station I was defending. Kathy was a few feet away coving the entrance. Four Blues started coming up the path and I fired taking out three of them while Kathy took out the last. I did run out of ammo a few times so I hurried over to our supply point and stock up and head back while firing at Blues. More taunts and war cries were voiced. After a good ten minutes of kicking ass I was surprised to find out that Blue Team had one by a lot. Apparently no one supported Chris when he was rushing. I yelled negative things at Blue Team. It is about all I could do. After the game we were a hot instead of being cold like we were earlier so we sat outside for a bit. Kathy and I took it easy from there and played pinball (which I got a higher score than her but she won’t accept it) along with a racing game. Then we heard the announcement that it was about time to leave. Everyone gathered and headed towards the buses. This is where it gets interesting. All the other three buses had their drivers open the door for the students graduates, but my bus, #4, had the driver MIA. So the group of us that rode #4 got to stand out in the cold waiting for the guy. A few of them got creative and jumped in one of the buses open windows and opened the emergency door on the other side. We went around and people started jumping in. When around half of us were in the bus one of the parents came up and yelled at us to stop. The bus driver finally showed up and the rest of us got in the regular way. I laid back on the ride back to the school. Once we got there I headed to the gym to pick up the goodies I seemed to have earned. It turned out I also got a gift card to Outback Steakhouse along with a bag that everyone got which contained a mug displaying everyone’s names, key chain, Kleenex of all things, something for a fitness place (I’m not fat fuckers!), and finally a $100 gift card to the local mall. Nice. I then went to say my goodbyes to Kathy and told her I had a good time. I went over to Christina and we got a picture together when Andrew’s mom came up and offered me a ride home. I ended up getting home around 5:45am. I took a slight nap at around 7am or so. It only came to about 30 minutes so I’m sure I’ll sleep well tonight since I’ll probably be too fucking tired to do anything tonight.

Once I was officially up my parents gave me their graduation presents. I got a digital camera (7.1 megapixels) and a tool kit for computers (color me surprised). I plan on taking some pretty pictures for you punks.

As for the rest of the day, I have no clue what to do. I need to develop the cameras from Great America so I might do that. Oh, and I’m hungry.

And tired.


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