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Why is it always the bad guys who are cooler? Good guys ain’t got shit on the ones they fight. I love to be the evil side. But that is getting off topic I guess. Let’s talk about school, shall we?

Today felt kind of elongated. Just seemed longer than normal and it is not like we had much to do. We read Macbeth in British Literature (along with a lockdown drill that the teacher ignored). Continued cleaning up during my T.A. period. Then in Cisco it was back to not studying like we were supposed to. I read in Virtual Enterprise after catching up on some bills. Lunch was, well, the usual. In Government we presented our projects on Supreme Court cases (my group had United States v. Nixon). Our PE teacher was MIA so we played basketball.

Right now I am just trying to find something to do. I need to escape the norm. Life is getting a bit stale and I need to freshen it up. We’ll see how that goes.


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