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Yes, I made up the word normancy. It sounds cool. What’s it mean? Something to do with being normal. Whatever.

Tuesday. The day after the two big finales for my shows. Both lacked but setup interesting situations for the next seasons. As for school, it was a mixed bag.

British Literature was filled with readings of Macbeth along with a quiz. So far I’ve learned that killing people makes you go crazy. Yeah, good tips. Not really. In Computer Repair my T.A. duties were varied. It was clean up time getting ready for the end of the year. So I was going around helping the minions do their business. Changed ink, threw out old keyboards, tried to fix a case, and crack jokes about the teacher. Got to keep morale up. We were supposed to study in Cisco but all we did was go on the internet to random websites. Yes, we are so hard-working. The biggest thing today was in Virtual Enterprise where we got the oh-so-awesome job of entertaining people for the Department of Education about the class. I expected around four or so people. Instead we got around ten. Both companies converged and sold items to them. That took up about 20 minutes of class time. The rest was screwing around like usual. Government was dedicated to sleep time. And finally in PE we played “21.”

Hopefully the rest of the week will be easy on the brain.


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