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My parents got my ass out of the house this morning for orientation for Solano Community College. We get there are around 9am and they tell us to head for one of the buildings. Inside were the various clubs and in the next room there was a video playing. We sat and the video finished up. One of the ex-principals from Vanden (my high school) talked to everyone because he is the Dean of Counseling or some bullshit. Anyway, we were told where to head next because there were different things we could go to for information. We ended up at the Student Orientation one. Boring. Just learned about the class structures and units and all this shit. Plus the person talking was too fucking hyper and happy. I wanted to stab the bitch. The next one we went to was Financial Aid. We learned that it is going to be expensive. Duh.

On the way back to town my mom was bitching at me like usual telling me that I need to do good if they get my into college and not sit on my ass. She then went on to give her usual excuses but I didn’t listen thanks to my metal playlist on my iPod. Once we got in town my dad drove up in front of the usual pizza place we order from. I thought we were going to get some pizza but then I noticed something was up. My dad told me to get out of the car and walked me to one of the store fronts. Air Force Recruitment Office. What in the fuck? Seriously. My parents called it “Plan B” if I don’t get a job soon or go to college. I expressed discontent but they didn’t care. Luckily it is closed on weekends so I avoided that situation. On the way to our street my mom bitched more.

Life is going to suck.


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