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The last few days have seen a change in behavior from myself. As of today I am back to normal (sort of). What caused the slight change? That’s for me to know. I think it is time to go back to the norm.

We had our last late start day of the year today. I used it wisely with a nice session of Titan Quest. I loaded up my Diviner (my female Spirit/Dream character). I rose 2 or 3 levels before school and finished a few quests. The combo of Spirit and Dream kicks so much ass. I am leveling faster than my Warrior/Defense guy. I need to get some buffs for health though as I lack armor. Oh well.

As for school it was a pretty normal day. Nothing overly special. I have some British Lit homework but I’ll slack it off even though it is quite a bit.

After school I picked up a book from Borders that I ordered and played Company of Heroes. That’s about it.


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  1. Enjoy your relatively care-free days of youth and “nothing special”. I assure that in a few years, you’ll clamor for those days when you look up from the pile of work on your desk.

    Enjoy your youth. You’re gonna be older so much longer.

    Enjoyed the post!

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