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I just got off the phone with Microsoft support. After talking to a robot and being put on hold while they play some pop crap I finally got to talk to a real person. All went smooth and they are sending me a box. All charges are covered under the extended warranty that was added last year because my 360 was made in 2005. The guy said it will be two to three weeks before I have a working Xbox. It is going to be a long wait but hopefully I can get some cash and buy Crackdown by the time it gets back. The DLC (downloadable content) is supposed to be killer.

As for today I probably will be playing Titan Quest and Galactic Civilizations 2. Along with that will be TV and maybe a movie. I also have some new music I’ve been listening to and you’ll see it on the side. If I get bored of those I’ll probably read some more of Battle Royale which I have seem to have left to collect dust. I just haven’t been in the mood to read lately but I’m hoping that will change.


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