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Listen up, you hear? I have done some changes and want you to be aware for easier use of my wonderful space of the internet.

First up I increased the number of recent comments shown. It used to be five and now it is ten (and also shows lack of comments so get working on it). I also added the “Recent Posts” back but limited to five. Why? First off I only have ten posts per page so I just did five so you can quickly go to them if you are another page. Live with it. The last thing I added to the sidebar is something called a “Tag Cloud.” What it does is shows each of the tags I use (aka Categories) and the ones with the larger text size are the ones I use more. It will be an easier way to show what I talk about more. That also leads me to my next change.

I redid the categories again. I’ve added a bunch of new ones I more changes are possible. The biggest is the loss of the Normal category. I’ve renamed it Blog Updates considering I have new ones that take the place of Normal. This also causes a bit of a problem and I don’t really feel like fixing it. The problem is that any post before today probably had a Normal tag which means it now falls under Blog Updates. So if you need to find one of my posts I tagged Normal before today (5/1/07) it is now tagged Blog Updates. It also causes the new Tag Cloud to show Blog Updates as the most used tag. Over time this will correct itself but it is going to take a while. I might changed a few weeks worth of old posts later tonight, but we’ll see.

Oh and expect my usual nightly post later using my new tags.


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