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I would like to give a big HAHAHA to the lower classes in school for having to suffer through the STAR tests this week and next week. We get to sleep in (although I doubt I will) until 10am for fives days out of these next two weeks while they test. Sucks to be them.

School today was kind of drawn out a bit too long in the morning. British Lit. seemed to last forever. My TA period picked up the slack but then it dropped into a slow, grinding torture hour for Cisco. The new worksheet is a bitch. In Virtual Enterprise we found out there is another fucking volunteer thing coming up. Wonder how many people will even go. Oh, and we made announcements for it. Why? My guess is the teacher is too lazy, but whatever. In Government we learned that the President can fire janitors and Koreans kill people. Yeah, very educational. PE was a downer. No softball. Instead we had to run and play paddle tennis in the fucking crazy wind. That wasn’t very fun.

I got home and played three games of MLB 2k7. One against Kansas City and the other two against San Fransisco. I won all three but the S.F. ones proved the most difficult. I had to bring out my closer to peg some assholes. After all that fun stuff my parents (and brother) left for their Scottish club meeting so I’ve been home alone for some time. Oh, and I watched that movie Into the Blue. Jessica Alba needs to be in more movies while wearing just a bathing suit. It fits her well. I guess it is time to listen to music until I happen to fall asleep.

Now I just need to figure out how to use my new morning time. What to do?


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