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I’m running out of vacation days. Is it good or bad? Guess we’ll find out.

Today we went to the mall so I could rent out a tuxedo. I knew this was going to be a barrel of fun. We get there in the afternoon to the Men’s Warehouse in the mall. It was pretty busy, but not with young people. Instead it was like an army of old people need to look good. Whatever. So I sit my oh-so-happy ass down in a chair and wait. After a good 15 or so minutes someone helps us. He tells us to look through and choose one. Being the kind of person who hates this kind of shit I randomly pick one. My mom retorts and tells me which ones look better in her eyes. Like I care. Comments were exchanged and I came out victorious against the parent oppressors (the way it should be). I chose what I wanted and then a lady took the measurements and stuff. Done and done. We finished and the thing will arrive on the 3rd. Next we hit up Chic-fil-A or whatever the fuck it is called. The chicken through my mouth into hell as one of my teeth went nuts and shot pain though my nerves. Not even my Dr. Pepper helped. :( Our next stop was Best Buy where my dad went to look at TVs (and to get to the point quickly, he didn’t buy a new one). I went off on my own and wound up with…well you’ll find out in the coming days. :) Then it was a quick stop at Wal-Mart and we got home.

Tomorrow I plan on getting most of my homework done in the morning (hopefully) and then enjoyed the rest of it. I have to watch The Dresden Files, Reno 911!, and the premiere of Drive, so my night is packed quite nice. Then if all goes to plan (which it probably won’t) I’ll finish up the homework Monday morning for a good ol’ jolly back to school. Whooo!

Now I need to get back to my creaky old *not spoiling* to *not spoiling* and kill me some *not spoiling* in their stupid fucking *not spoiling* and the piece of shits they call *not spoiling*. I just hope I don’t *not spoiling*.

It’s going to be fun.


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