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Oh what fun it is to kill some little kids.

I’m totally kidding of course (or am I).

I woke up at around 8am or so and played a game of MLB 2k7 on crappy vision. That was a barrel of fun (the grass was purple for fuck sakes). My parents left for the doctors for who knows what reason but I’m not complaining. My mom called me at around noon and told me to get my ass ready for going to my grandparent’s place. So I followed those dreaded directions. Blah, blah, blah skipping ahead, blah, blah. After getting all pretty (hahahahahahahaha…no) they came back and picked my brother and myself up to head over. The entire time I was there I just listened to my iPod on shuffle and read Battle Royale (note the title of this post). Not too interested in talking about what actually went on but I will say that New York style pizza sucks. After a few hours we finally left and I played some more MLB 2k7. Yeah, eventful.

Tomorrow should prove even more joyful and explosively fun. Why? I get to go tux shopping. Yippee! My dreams coming true! I’ve waited for this moment for so long my panties are getting tangled up. Every second seems like a year waiting for the moment where I become all pretty. Oh boy, oh boy! And then on Sunday I get to do British Literature homework. This is going to be the best weekend ever I can barely contain myself.

Oh my…what happened? I must be going mad.


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