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Thursdays suck. Always have and always will (maybe). What have I done today? Nothing.

After I woke up I did the e-mail/internet thing like clockwork. Then I watched George Lopez on my DVR (for you non-techie people that stands for Digital Video Recorder). Once I finished that I headed to my room for some Garry’s Mod fun. I already talked about that fiasco so I am skipping that shit. Anyway I mainly stayed online for a few hours mixed with random TV. Rinse and repeat for some more hours and then I decided to eat. As I was eating I watched a show on the History Channel about “yard technology.” Yeah, I was bored. Now I am here and none the better. Maybe I’ll finally play through the entire Company of Heroes campaign that I never seem to finish. Or I might reinstall Medieval II and kick some European ass. It’s a toss up.


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