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Being the cool person I am I sometimes feel the need to make a purdy pretty picture once in a while. Now I can’t draw for shit or use image editing software very well so I usually have to find alternate means. If you’ve visited my blog since the beginning you should know where this is going. Yes, I am using Garry’s Mod again. Not just the old clunker, but the shinier, newer, and a whopping $10 version 10 (see a connection?). Now I’ve had it for a while but on my previous Windows setup it froze up on me to make it unplayable, but now with my reformat and stuff it runs great. So today I took it for a test drive and learned about some of the features it contains. I must say, it is a powerful beast and well worth the $10. Although don’t just download Steam to go in and get it like that. You need at least Half-Life 2 to use it. If you do decide to get both you have a great game and a great sandbox to play with. Well worth the price (or you can get every other Source-powered game to add even more content to Garry’s Mod). Anyway, I’m guessing you want to see what I have created this time around. Well here it is.

The images were scaled down due to being too big for Photobucket but if you want a full-size version of any of them (1280×1024) just comment with the URL of the one you want (or give me the number of it, the top one is #1 and so on) and I will upload it to a better service and post the link.

As for the content of the pictures, or screenshots if you want to call them that, I usually do still art (in Garry’s Mod terms, no real action). Why? It is easier for me so I don’t waste five hours trying to get things posed correctly. I’ll just spawn a NPC and turn of the AI when I have it the way I want. If anything else needs to be added I just spawn it and drop the object. I haven’t really mastered posing so I just do simple things. Maybe a corpse here and there. Some people think that it really shouldn’t be considered “good” or “art” or “too simple” or whatever. Fuck them. I do what I want and I don’t care if people like it. I just want to have the satisfaction that I did something that I consider myself to be good. It may be the most random fucking thing on the internet, but I did it and that is all that matters. I’m done ranting for now. So enjoy and comment if you like.


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