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Today was the day. The day Jen and I would hang out. She came by at ~1pm and then we headed to Raley’s to get some things for her mom. After we got that we headed to her house. I meet her parents and then we delivered the goods. We then preceded to watch Battlestar Galactica and got through the miniseries and the first few episodes. Her mom made spaghetti and we ate. Kel and a few others dropped by and we got into some Halo action. Considering I haven’t played it for many moons my “suckage” was showing but I think I did rather well. We went on Xbox Live and found some interesting people that probably should never use a mic again but it is Xbox Live and that is what people do. My parents kept wondering when I was going to get home and then around 10pm my dad called me and that pretty much meant I should get my ass home. So I said my goodbyes to Jen and got a ride from Kel.

It was a great day and I would do it again. :)


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  1. Anytime, loved actually being able to hangout with you without too many distractions. Sorry that the Armijo Boys have an uncanny ability to know people are playing Halo at my house.

    Now you know how I can deal with the NSG boys so well. They’re nothing compared with who I’ve grown up with :P

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