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Today was Easter. Like I really give a shit about the true meaning of it. I just want the peeps.

This morning I got up and watched TV like clockwork. I caught part of Slither to pass the time after my shower. I still enjoy that movie. Funny shit. At 10am we left for Marie Calendar’s in Fairfield to meet up with family friends for a lunch/dinner thing. Why do people always eat dinner early on holidays? Fucking strange. Anyway, I got a burger considering it seemed like the only decent thing on their menu. I talked with my long-time friend about various things. My brother talked to his friend and his friend’s friend. Confused? Good. After about two hours we left and said goodbye. Various comments were also said about me going to prom and such. It ranged from get a haircut and clean your face to no one needing to know about the holes in your underwear (it took me a few seconds to figure that one out, then I told my dad he is an idiot). We were going to head to the mall to rent/reserve a tux but we noticed that the mall was closed (which is retarded). So we headed home and I haven’t done much since then aside from a few things. I watched a show about the drug cartels in Miami, but it put me to sleep. I also technically beat STALKER but I hated the ending I got so I went back to a previous save and am working on getting the good one. It is fucking hard to do. Oh, and if you haven’t noticed, I changed some stuff on this here blog. You have to be blind to not notice but whatever. I might add some new pages, but I have no idea what to put on them. Any ideas? Also, the new Deadlock album, Wolves, fucking rocks.

No plans for tomorrow so if you want to do something, call me up (and not right before because I’ll need to convince and get my well-earned money for parents, ’cause they never pay me for my duties, jerks). Hopefully Jen and I can do something this week. I need to get out of the house too. My parents are annoying.

And before I forget, here are some pictures for earlier (crappy cell phone pics):

My stupid ass brother –

My long-time friend since childhood, Daniel –

From left to right, my friend’s mom, the waitress who mixed up my fries with onion rings, my mom, and part of my dad’s head –

Now I want to kill a bunny like the one at the end of Doom. That’s cool, right?



  1. Whatcha want to do? You’d probably have to stop by and meet my parents before I could do anything. Aha. That should be fun ^^;;

    Page looks nice, btw.

  2. There’s always the movies, or maybe sit back and relax to some BSG DVDs.

    I’m up for any number of things. :)

  3. Either are fine with me (oh the indecision). We could watch BSG at my house, fulfills the parents thing and getting you out of your house? ^^;

    We could do both?

    I’m really up for anything n_n

  4. BSG is doable, don’t know about the movies. My funds have been cut.

  5. …I don’t feel like I could say really anything…um…yea…Easter was okay for me…I just killed Zombies on Dead Rising, I tried to find Jesus, but apparently, he didn’t rise again this time ^_^;

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