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VACAVILLE, California (DRC) — Twenty are dead after a horrible accident at the Desert Wonderland theme park. The accident occurred around noon today when the braking system failed on one of the roller coaster at the park, the Sand Devil. One of the three trains on the coaster was coming into the station to have the passengers depart when it failed to slow and came in full speed. The train collided with another that was parked sending shrapnel and bodies through the air at those waiting to get on the ride.

Workers rushed to the scene to help the injured and look for survivors. One worker said that it “was the most horrifying accident” he has ever seen. Rescue personnel arrived and dug out the bodies of those who died. Around thirty were injured and some were taken to the hospital with varying injuries.

A spokesperson for the park said that they will start an immediate investigation for the cause of the accident and that all of the other rides in the park will be inspected. The park will be closed for the remaining week to let the investigation take place. The theme park is expected to reopen next week with the exception of the Sand Devil.

Authorities are also seeking any information about the accident and want the public to come forward if they witnessed any unusual behavior around the time of the accident.



  1. you do realize of course this never happened, we don’t even have a Desert Wonderland theme park in Vacaville…where the hell did you get this story? The Onion?

  2. Dude, April Fool’s!

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