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Today was like going at light speed through the world stopping at nothing. Gazing at the blur, I couldn’t help but wonder the tragedy of it all. We’re all going to die in horrible ways. Some will like it, most will not. We’re doomed. Who wants to rule over ashes? Oh there is no Jack Bauer to save us. Not even a Battlestar named Galactica. Cylons won’t kill us. Neither will terrorists bent on destroying LA. Then what will? Thought. It will kill us all. The solution? Destroy your brain. Strangle, gun to the head, falling object, maybe even a nuke from orbit. That is the only way to be sure. It cannot survive. There will be no toast in this flawed future. Not even the color pink. What will there be? Blood and ashes. What will live? Nothing. Why do people question? Because they aren’t dead yet. Go ahead, blow your brains out.

Is that original enough for you people?


One Comment

  1. Original? Psh, you can do better =)

    Good. I can’t cook toast anyways.

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