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So after my dandy computer issues this morning I read a chapter out of that oh-so-not-awesome Great Expectations book. After that suicidal plunge I loaded up Dead or Alive 4. I chose Miss Spartan and went at it. I figured out a way to finally kick the bosses ass but it takes many, many, many tries. Time to see if this tactic works for other characters. Once I was done with that I got ready for school.

British Literature consisted of us taking more notes on the Middle Ages, or Medieval era for you cool kids. We found out that back (way back) in the day shit was crazy. Families killing each other and the bunch. Oh, and there was some kind of 30 year civil war. You English people need to settle down.

For my T.A. period I helped and overlooked the class build their computers. One group fucked up, another lacked the parts they needed, lacking manuals delayed the other, and the last group just was lazy. Oh what fun it is.

In Cisco the teacher wanted us to figure out the answer to a question by going on the online study stuff. So what did we do? Not to what we were told of course. Yeah, I know, we’re cool.

Finally I reach my favorite period of the day. Today is Virtual Enterprise we started to gear up for Oakland (happens Monday). I printed up some special ads and got the business cards prepped for printing. We also found out more people than expected are going to it led to confusion while sorting out the work schedule but we made it work. The last few minutes in class we briefly went over salesmanship which we bombed during our time at Bakersfield way back when. The bell rang and lunch began.

Lunch. lol.

In American Government we presented our projects on assigned Senators and Representatives. I ended up doing mine. No clue how I did, but who cares. I’m passing and that is all that matters.

In P.E. we ran “the Loop.” That is about as interesting as it gets.

Since I’ve gotten home I have unlocked two more costumes in DOA4, but I still have tons more to unlock. That should be, uh, interesting to say the least. All I know is I will end up swearing a whole lot and may end up with some bruises. Fun.

Now it is time for another not-so-action-packed chapter of Great Expectations where nothing awesome will happen and it could possibly cause me to fall into a coma because it sucks that bad.

Be gone with ye!



  1. Pretty intense gaming if you get bruises. Good thing I never got around to reading Great Expectations. Never much of a Dickens fan anywho.
    Do you have a Will Ryder in your TA period? If you do, you should bother him All The Time. He wants to break the internet and leave only Myspace and KingsofChaos.

  2. I actually can’t remember most of the people in the class, but I’ll look into it.

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