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Today has been long so far. Lots of downtime which left me in a state of neutrality. Here’s how the caper came down.

BRITISH LITERATURE – What can I possibly say? It isn’t the American way and I find no use for it. Plus all we did was take notes on the government and social system of the medieval era. Big fucking whoop.

T.A. – I handed out everyone their parts for the computer build project. Some nice hardware up in there. Then I went to install Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter. Apparently the copy protection hates Windows XP 64-bit. Lame.

CISCO 4 – Ah Cisco. We are now in semester 4 of the class and it isn’t getting easier. Today we worked on a lab in the back. Three teams with two computers each. Our mission was to simulate a gateway connecting to an ISP (Internet Service Provider). We worked on it, and then some more, and maybe a little more. Then we actually noticed it wasn’t working. Then the bell rang and we put in the towel. Oh well.

VIRTUAL ENTERPRISE – With only four days this week to get stuff done for Monday’s trade fair, we expected to get some work done. Hell no. Instead we learned about advertising. Yes, that’s it. As if it isn’t obvious enough. So now that leaves us with three days. I need to print out everyone’s business cards, print up some catalogs, and special brochures. It is going to be a pain. But I gladly accept it.

LUNCH – I drank a 7Up. End of story.

GOVERNMENT – So the teacher wanted us to learn about impeachments and wanted us to read one that involved Andrew Johnson. Yeah, that guy. From the fucking 1880’s. What about Nixon? He was way cooler and more modern. But no. So as the first row started reading everyone else went to sleep. The teacher was totally oblivious to it too. I ended up getting a good nap out of it. Fuck the 1800’s.

P.E. – Some game with a basketball and I lost twice. No more to say.


HOME – Ate some chips and salsa while watching a show where a guy breaks into houses and this one had little kids in it. Reminded me of Splinter Cell. Then I played Dead or Alive 4 where I showed my anger against the bosses. Fucking cheaters. Now I just finished have a Subway sandwich and am waiting for the TV to be free so I can continue the beat down. Oh, and I might read that lame ass British book. Just maybe.


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