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Going deeper into FarCry is no simple task. On one hand it is a blazing fast action game and on the other, a terrifying ordeal with things that will make you shit your pants. A single shot can take you out from a mile away. Horror takes the shape of a beast created by mutation. Everything is against you. All for nothing you go in with guns blazing. Death is the only end to your journey. Can it get any worse? Hell yes it can. Realizing your mistakes mean you just leased your life to the death dealer. In a blink of an eye, you see your foe slashing your beaten body. Scary? Think before you act. Instinct is key. Nothing is predictable on these islands. Adventure awaits.

This probably looks odd. Either I’ve gone insane or something else. Looking in the mind says nothing. Looking at the world shows insanity. Hell is near. Eternal damnation is your life style. Realize what is real and what is fake.



  1. nice Ethan, you are pretty clever sometimes…

  2. I know. I’m a beast.

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