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After watching The Prestige tonight (great movie by the way) I noticed and remember some of the unexplained things that have happened recently. Hell, today alone I recieved two calls on my cell phone that I could not answer (school for the first one and was watching the movie during second). I matched one number to San Jose and then other is in town. No clue who the people are or why they would call me. Plus they left no message. The other odd things are somewhat closer. From random messages to the way people have been acting. I can’t seem to explain it. What could possibly be going on and for what purpose?

Or am I just going insane?



  1. Maybe you are on the list :P

  2. ohnoes! Better watch out for Mr. Bennet and Sylar!

  3. this is how they tested jack bauer’s sanity when they were scoping him out for potential CTU service time. may i be the first to congratulate you on your new career with CTU!!! get me a mug!

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