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Today is my dedicated homework day and so far I have done 1/3 of it. All that is left is a take home British Lit test about Great Expectations and a worksheet for the same class about a section of Beowulf. The suck level should go up rather quickly.

The four day weekend went by rather fast (althought a lot of good came out of it) and I am interested in seeing how this week turns out, even though I only will be at school three of the four days this week. I will not be there Friday because of a field trip and by the time we get back, school will have been over for a few hours. So here’s hoping Tuesday through Thursday are good.

As for the rest of the day (after homework of course) I plan on getting rested up so I am able to get back in tune with my sleep schedule for school. I’ve been rather relaxed about it lately (not complaining though).

Time to finish this shit up. :)



  1. TO CISCO!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yeppers.

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