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After finally coming home from school, a mere 12 hours and 30 minutes later, I am tired. It was a good time though. Regular school ways pretty meh, but after, good stuff.

I didn’t bother going home because I would end up having to come back about an hour or two later so I just stayed. A few of us worked on last minute items for the grand opening of our virtual enterprise company. After about an hour of semi-working hard we just got a little crazy. Music was playing, jokes were flying, and I was making an ass of myself. Good times. No evidence of what I did exists though. :)

The grand opening itself was crazy. I manned the fundraiser table where we were selling cards for a $1. A few strange people came up here and there. We presented ourselves and all that good stuff. Made a lot of sales too. Once it was over we all started cleaning up and the CEO’s little brother was on a mission to mess with me. :P

Now I am going to rest up over this weekend and kill stuff. FUN FOR EVERYONE! :)


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