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When I woke up this morning to watch Battlestar Galactica I wasn’t prepared for something. After the show the preview for next week came on. I was shocked. It seemed very close a dream I had last week and it involved the same characters. My dream didn’t end all happily either, so I fear the worst for poor Cally. :( WHY!?

School today went by pretty fast. First period sucked as usual. The teacher was back so we had to work this time around. Bombed a test on Great Expectations. Pisses me off. I failed his class two years ago because I didn’t read and now that I am reading I still fail these fucking tests. FUCK QUOTES! I DO NOT LIKE IDENTIFYING THEM YOU FUCK!

In second period I got a computer up and running. It had a bad NIC (Network Interface Card; aka: the thing that gets you online) so I swapped it out for a new (even thought it is really old) one. Then I went and updated Windows.

Cisco was enjoyable to say the least. We (as in Cisco 3) took the module 7 (or chapter 7) test. I passed with a flat B. Then the teacher called us up to his desk one-by-one. I was first. I go up and he asks me if I want to go to Cisco HQ in San Jose. I told him I am already signed up to go with my Virtual Enterprise teacher. He said okay and called up the next person. The teacher asked and he said he would go. Then the teacher called the third Cisco 3 person up. He said okay. The fourth C3 wasn’t called up. Not at all. Laughs followed. Then the teacher surprised us by asked two Cisco 1 kids if they wanted to go. Both said yes. We joked about it.

Virtual Enterpise was all getting ready for the grand opening Thursday night. I worked on a brouchure for the sales people and helped assigning jobs to people for the event. Looking good so far. Hopefully it goes by smoothly.

At lunch I found out my fate in the Warhammer 40K universe. Not the most colorful thing, but alteast I will live longer than some of the others. If you’re wondering, it is pretty much an inside joke so most of you won’t understand, or not at all.

I wanted to kill myself in Government today. We were supposed to read an article but no one did so the teacher lectured to us about something no one decided to give a shit about. I slept through most of it, or atleast tried to. There were also some questionable comments flying around. I don’t feel like going into it.

PE? Ha. Just running and dodgeball. Need I explain more? Yes? Fuck you. I don’t.

After school I got a ride home from a friend. Good stuff. Now I am just waiting for it to be magically 8pm so I can enjoy two hours of MOTHERFUCKING JACK BAUER! :)

Oh, and I keep hearing something about some holiday on Wednesday. Not sure what these crazed people are talking about. Something about red hearts and roses and shit. Losers. The only true holiday coming up is Independence Day. Get it right jerks.


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