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Life is like a box of chocolate. When both get hot, they melt.

This is the kind of stuff you would hear regularly from me. Why? Because I am a smartass and a good one at that. I can joke about just about anything. Most of the remarks are stupid, some perverted. Why do I do it? I enjoy the fuck out of it. Makes me feel more unique. Why do I want to feel unique? Because I hate falling into the normal category. Fuck this mainstream bullshit, I create my own fucking stream bitches.

So I was looking at a box of soap and one of the ingredients was ultramarines. I guess they smash Ultramarines into soap!

Being a smartass does come at a cost though. You end up lost in the void where most act as if you aren’t there. Less likely to gain new friends because people find you as the odd duckling. Almost that exiled or outcast feeling. Some try and go follow the mainstream and fail. Others take this fate too seriously and end their existence. Me? I don’t have a problem. Why? People should like me for who I am no matter what I do or how I act. If they don’t find it funny then so be it. Their choice. I don’t cater to people. It’s not my problem. I shouldn’t have to change to enjoy things in life.

I can’t see movies that take place on airplanes. They make me cry. You know, because of the altitude pressure.

What does all this mean for my future? Mainly I’ll still be a smartass. Who knows where that will lead me. Until someone truely understands me relationships are still pretty much up in the air (and if they do, they certainly left me in the dark). And as for the new friends part, I am glad to have the friends I have now. I wouldn’t mind expanding out further, but they will certainly have to expect the unexpected from me.

Oh, and being a smartass is hard sometimes. :P


One Comment

  1. “I can’t see movies that take place on airplanes. They make me cry. You know, because of the altitude pressure.”
    This was the only one that made me say “shut up”. :D
    Eh, come on now, Ethan wouldn’t be Ethan without being a Smartass, that is why you are my friend!

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