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Well my day has been full of shit. First thing was in British Lit. Someone’s cell phone went off and the teacher thought it was from my row or the row next to us. He said that whoever it was better turn it in. Then he told us we were cowards and should be feeling like idiots for not telling if it was one of us. Well it wasn’t. Not even anyone in those two rows. Some dumb shit forgot to turn his sound off and now the two rows the teacher called out have possible detention. FUCKING BULLSHIT! The new thing that pissed me off is my video card. All was fine and dandy last night but now the fan on it went into overdrive. The damn thing is loud as fuck. I don’t want to even attempt sleep with it on but I hate turning off my computer. Piece of shit. And finally I am doing some last resort shit to try and get Steam (short of steaming pile of shit) working correctly. For the longest time games running with it have locked up my machine and I have tried everything. So this time I totally uninstalled it and doing a clean reinstall hoping that it will work right. If not, I am going to kill a bitch.

I guess there was a good thing or two today to turn this angry post around. My stocks did slightly better and my friend’s went down. Hopefully I can get out of the red tomorrow. And we also got another new person in Virtual Enterprise. It should make things interesting.


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