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Europe? HA! Ok, so maybe I lost my beachhead one the mainland but I will invade soon. Medieval 2 rocks.

School went by pretty fast. Only interesting note is that my VE teacher should tell us information before we act on previous information. Once I got home I played a game of Madden 07. I was playing my Superstar save and it was Bills against my new Lions. The game was back and forth. I had about 20 seconds left in the 4th quater but I was unable to get into field goal range to win so we went to overtime. My defense was unable to stop the coin toss winning Bills. I lost 47-41. Now we are 3-3. Atleast I can still atempt a playoff spot. After that I watched The Living Daylights. Not the greatest 007 movie but entertaining enough. My favorite is still Casion Roayle followed by GoldenEye. Now I am watching Lord of War and relaxing.


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