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For once in a long time, I have homework. I get to answer Government questions from the dreaded book. What is this shit? Questions? Book? What has the world come to?

Skipping that class, today was fairly good. My TA period had me attempting to repair a busted ass computer, and I mean busted ass. Cisco was review time so we went over a worksheet. Skipping over VE (only for a few seconds) and Government, PE was dull. We went over emergency bullshit because we have a drill tomorrow (RANDOM DRILLS, OMG!) so it will probably be during passing period, which is DUMB. After that we played basketball. I gave my F game ’cause I am cool like that.

Back to Virtual Enterprise now. We got some new souls to corrupt people that will be joining our company. So they get to do a cover letter and resume just like anyone else. Once they do the management staff (which is due to change since we lost the VP of Human Resources) will interview them. I will be a hard-ass like I was near the beginning. I be cool like that. One of the newbies seems to be kicking ass and taking names charge. I looked at his resume and he wants to apply for the position of assistant web master which would effectively place him under me, Mr. CIO. Now I have no problems with shoving more people under me (I say that in a non-gay way), but our web people haven’t been up to snuff lately. Or you can just say that they haven’t done shit. I won’t get into the whole shebang, but we’ve hit a snag. So we (and by we I mean management) are working to shift the company around for optimal working awesomeness. I think the first thing we have to work on is the Finance department. The VP of that section isn’t everyone’s favorite person in the world (that and when he talks I want to kill myself). Hopefully we can easily get some of the employees into there with ease. Second, we need to divide the rest into respected departments (sales, marketing, etc.). Third, the website needs to get done sometime before next month or atleast up for that matter. Forth, get people working. We’ve had trouble getting anyone to do work. When you ask they usually give you the “I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!” attitude. I’m sure we can find something.

Enough of that, this witchcaft called homework is calling.



  1. Your “when he talks I want to kill myself” made me smile.

  2. lol

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