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The second semester of school started today. I had high hopes for the coming months but they all got butchered when I found the grave news. I have my sophmore english teacher, again. What the fuck? For one, this guy is a dick. Two, no one likes him. Three, I hate him. So now my first period every day until the end of school is this fuckwit. And to top it off I now get tons of homework and have to read stupid British crap. I liked it better last semester where I never had any homework ever. Oh, but it gets worse. My replacement government teacher is the Hilter or Stalin of fucking history. My preivous teacher (who had to give us up due to a promotion) was laid back and would mess around with us. This new bitch wants us to bring four fucking notebooks and our textbook to class every single fucking day and she is not laid back at all. We attempted to have fun today but she put the SS smackdown on us. Everyone is sad. We got fucking owned.

It pretty much ranks as one of the worst days of senior year. Why couldn’t I have a good year? Why?

Stupid fucking bad luck.


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  1. Man, that sucks, well, at least 24 is still on :D

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