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I. Hate. The. Chinese.


1. They kidnapped Jack Bauer in 24.

2. They kick my ass in C&C Generals – Zero Hour.

Fuck you China.

In more realistic news, today was ho-hum. Yes, it is a saying. Life with it. Anyway, we worked on our final in Rhetoric. Some autobiographical mumbo-jumbo about an event that changed our lives or some shit. Whatever. So I decided to talk about the time I broke some kid’s nose. It’s unique. You saw my post from my TA period so you don’t need to know squat about that. In Cisco we took the test and I got fucked over with a D. Next section’s worksheets were handed out. I hope I can pull my grade up with the final, but that is laughable. Virtual Enterprise is killing me. I am nowhere near done with the business plan final that is due next Friday. In fact, no one is. Such bullshit that we have to do the entire thing by ourselves when most of us don’t know shit about parts of it because we were never taught it. FUCK. We did a review game in Government, except there wasn’t much reviewing going on because my group just talked. Ok. PE was zany (oh yeah, pulled all pistons for that one). We reviewed the square dancing parts and then went to our cultural dance. We own that shit so hard people will shit themselves in amazement, or we can just get a good grade.

As for my plans for my super-awesome-nothing-going-to-happen-three-day-weekend-of-laziness-extraordinaire I plan on attempting to beat Marvel: UA. That game is longer than I expected. Then I plan on playing my Super Bowl game along with also working my way through Saint’s Row and/or FarCry: Instints – Predator, both of which got put on the back burned due to Madden and Marvel: UA. So many games, so little time. I wish I had Hiro’s powers from Heroes. I want to freeze time (to fuck with people).

Time to, uh, do something somewhat productive.

Or not.


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