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The dream I had this morning ranks as one of the strangest and most complex one I have had in a long time. Some of it seemed like I have had that part before. Others appeared to be new and had some odd twists. There were people I know in the dream. One is paticular had a big role, but I really didn’t expect that person to remotely ever be involved in my head.

The first part was in some house. It appeared to be some kind of party. People started dying or something. That is all I can pretty much remember from that part. It was weird, just take my word for it.

The second part I can remember a lot more. A group of people I know and myself went to a store that sold furniture and electronics. Something happened to be led into the back rooms. The back rooms appeared to be an old movie theater but the ground was all sloped so much, people started to slip. This guy appeared and talked to us (can’t remember what he said). Then everyone else left leaving me and the guy. He was sitting in a chair and I tried to get near him but somehow I couldn’t. He laughed and then mumbled something. I got behind him and broke his neck. Apparently, that lead to everyone except me and one other person to be killed. I get captured and forced to cooperate. The get to the last person’s house and go inside with guns drawn. The two men had what appeared to be silenced 9mm handguns. We reached the back door and you could see the person reading a book on the porch. Their head was down and didn’t notice us. One of the hitmen opened the sliding door slowly and quietly. I yelled out for them to run and the person noticed us. In shock the person stood up and was about to run when the hitman shot them in the chest twice. Killing the person. I fell to my knees in sorrow when the other hitman shot me in the back of the head.

People say dreams mean something. Past experinces or even telling your future. I have no clue what my dreams mean and this one is the most confusing. I also am wondering why that certain person at the end was there. Unexpected is just not enough of a word for it.


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