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I woke up to the theme of Transformers: The Movie as I have been unable to wake up to my normal alarm lately. The program I’ve been using is Citrus Alarm. Works great plus I can wake up to any MP3 of choice. Before I get sidetracked, time to get back to the story. After my shower I watched my DVRed Dirty Jobs from the last night. Good stuff as usual. Once it was over I finished up getting ready and headed out to the bus stop. During the bus ride I took my oh-so-usual nap and woke up in time to hear something about “flashing in front of me” over the radio. The bus arrives at school and I find out that there was no power. That flash was a transformer exploding. Knocked out power to the entire school. The staff improvises and gets us to class. My rhetoric teacher told us that we were not going home unlike what most people thought. So we sat there in the dark listening to him lecture. Some of the class went to sleep. After about an hour of that shit we go through with the rest of the school day since power came back. Not the greatest day of school, but whatever.

I got home and watched some show about the Moon. Crazy science shit. Later on I watched a new episode of Mythbusters and they blew up stuff. Sweet. I whipped out my new Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence and watched it. Even though there is no English dub and I had to watch it with subtitles, it was a damn good movie. Now I plan on using my Christmas/Birthday money to buy the $100 set of Stand Alone Complex Season 1. Should kick major ass.


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