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Creativity’s Deception

Every year that you are in school you will receive a project or essay that you do not care much about or forget to do. You freeze up and worry because you have no idea what to do. This is when you have to utilize the art of “BSing.” “BSing” is a byproduct of last minute rushes to get an assignment done. Most people will find it a bit difficult to perform with ease, but with the proper help they can become masters of this art of deception.

The process starts when you receive an essay. You probably put it off and now it is the night before it is due and bedtime looms over you. Your hands cramp and writer’s block hits you like a freight train. What will you do? The first step in “BSing” is to know the expectations of the teacher. Glance at the rubric (if available). If you are without one you have to remember what kind of comments the teacher wrote down on your last essay. Once you know what the teacher wants of you move on to figuring out what to write about. Unleash your creativity. Choose something that is beyond the realms of anything your classmates might think of. Being unique is always a good thing.

After coming up with the basic idea you move towards the writing process. Start the essay off with something random. A joke, questions, or a short story. Just make it random. Provide interest to lead the reader into your web of deception. Once the introduction paragraph is out of the way you can meet up with the next and most daunting challenge; the body of the essay. This is the part where most people choke up or even surrender to the word eating beast.

You are most likely going to ask yourself how you are going to overcome such a task. It is actually easier than it sounds. Go back to your overall idea for the essay. Is it something you really have no clue about? Or maybe since your just the crafty creative person that you are you picked something that you can easily write about? Well, if you say yes to the first question you have to do some minor research. Get a simple premise of that idea and expand on it. Don’t worry. A few keystrokes and clicks is all you need. This is why there are sites like Wikipedia or Sparknotes, to use for your goal, passing projects and essays like these. You may notice that what you write out is not very long or does not meet the teacher’s supreme expectations. Simple fix. Use big words. Everyone likes big, smart words. They take up space and some of them sound cool. Just do not go A.D.D. fest with them by putting them every other line. You are not that smart, since you are reading this because you forgot to do the essay. Also, teachers know what kind of words and sentence structures you use. Make sure not to go far from your normal place. Once you feel like you have done all you can to fully realize your body paragraphs you press the enter key (or next line on your binder paper) and the finish line appears in the distance, interrupted only by the dinky speed bump called the conclusion paragraph.

Here you are. The beast is done with and now you must end it with a nice frosting. The conclusion should not be a problem for anyone, but then again, you are reading this, so you have problems. The final “BSing” step is to restate the key points (including those awesome big words you used) and finish off your intro paragraph. If you went with a question, answer it. A story? Finish it. A joke? Well, okay, maybe you can’t finish that one. Oh well.

Now that you know how to “BS” you should be fine whenever you might happen to forget to do something (shame on you). Remember as this is only a last resort measure that “BSing” is not a great way to pass classes. If you do it too frequent your teacher will catch on and soon enough you will have to dig yourself from the pit you opened before you. It’s called an F for the semester.



  1. Youa are a strange strange man.

  2. Wow, that essay has shown me nothing but BSing is a word…amazing…you are a master at all that Bull Shit aren’t you?

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