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I really don’t have anything to do right now, even though I am supposed to be doing TA work for my second and third period teacher. My first period teacher told me I should watch/react to the way I listen to lectures and then write an essay about it to turn in tomorrow. Problem is that I don’t really have a teacher who gives lectures like my first period teacher wants. Guess I’ll have to pull the bullshit card like I do all the time. Shouldn’t be too hard.

As for non-school crap, Heroes had a crazy ending last night that I wasn’t expecting. The show just keeps getting better and better. Tonight I plan on watching Dead Like Me on SciFi and then NCIS and The Unit on CBS. Should be good stuff. I also plan on playing a game of Company of Heroes with a friend. We are going to kick some yankee ass as the Germans. Don’t hate me for picking the better army of the two. I like big guns and the Allies don’t have what it takes to please me (although the Allied Paratroopers fucking own).

I better get back to my “duties.” :P


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