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Wow. The new version of iTunes is pretty spiffy. I really need to get that Applecare thing though, so if I screw up my iPod, maybe they will give me one of those new brighter ones.

As for my day, I watched a documentry on the history of atmoic and nuclear weapon tests which was cool. Then I watched the 49ers game and they won. Woohoo! After that the old people and me watched a few episodes of The Unit which I bought the 1st season yesterday and getting ready for season 2 on Tuesday. In a little bit I have to refine my essay for Rhetoric and then fill out a fake application for Virtual Enterprise.

As for this coming week I will be gushing over the Battlestar Galactica Season 2.5 DVD which comes out Tuesday. I hope my mom can get it before the fuckers run out of copies.


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