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This weekend has been a rush. Yesterday I noticed that I totally forgot the date for a forum award thing that was supposed to take place last Monday. So I quickly got that set up. Oh, and if you are wondering, I have the most nominations. Other than that all I have been doing is playing Dead Rising. I started a new game this morning in hopes of unlocking the boots of Megaman because I hear they are fucking awesome. I already have is Mega Buster so I pretty much own bosses (minus the last two in the game which you can’t use your weapons). I hope to get the done maybe tomorrow or Tuesday.

I also have school crap coming up on Friday when I go to get my schedule (which I need to hurry and get a job or it will be fucked over) and do other misc crap before school starts on the 28th. And finally, if all goes well I will be going to the movies Friday night to see them motherfuckin’ snakes take over that motherfuckin’ plane!


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