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I am officially tired. Today was all work for me, lazy day for the rest of my family.

I got up this morning and played the Dead Rising demo. I found some new goodies that I didn’t find before. Fun times. After that I watched last night’s Monk to catch up. Then I had to mow the lawn, all three of them. I did that and then my mom wanted me to help take a dozen bags of cans, bottles, and other recycle crap to the Recycle Zone. The wind blew the stuff all around when we got there and ended up using more than a dozen garbage bins to hold the shit for them to weigh. Although, we did make $56 on all of it. When we got home I had to trim the already mowed lawn. Once that was done I got $45 for today’s work. Not bad. I watched Wedding Crashers and then played a game or two of Mideast Crisis. I got tired of losing and watched the end of an Oakland A’s game. My dad turned on 2001: A Space Odyssey. It was an odd movie, but whatever. Then we watched The Island. After that I took a shower and am now typing this. Hopefully I can sleep easier tonight than the previous ones.


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