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Tonight’s car ride home was hell. Before I go into that, here is what happened today.

I woke up expecting the Dead Rising demo to be released and to my dismay it wasn’t. Whatever. So I go on and play Project Gotham Racing 3 and earned a few golds. After about an hour of that I went to my room and did my usual internet shit. Around 1pm I went back downstairs and watched some of my favorite episodes of Stargate SG-1. Once that was done I did whatever to keep my occupied. At about 5:30pm my mom came home from shopping and told us to get ready to go to the mall. So I went. We ate at Taco Bell and then headed to JC Penny’s. My brother bought some shoes and then my parents told me to find some. I told them that I didn’t need any but they told me to find some. JC Penny’s didn’t have anything that looked good so I went to Sears and Mervyn’s but still didn’t find ones that I liked. So we then went to Best Buy. I looked at some stuff and then my mom told me we were going to Barnes and Noble. After we walked in I searched for a book called The Zombie Survival Guide to help humor me while waiting for Dead Rising. Everyone found what they were looking for, except my brother and we bought the stuff and left. We headed home. On the way home my mom bitched about how I am useless, that I need a job, stuff about how I don’t do anything, use my money badly, and all this other bullshit. I just wanted to escape from my music but then I get yelled at some more. I just wanted the car to fucking blow up or something. After entering the house I went straight to my room and closed the door.

I’ve had enough of them tonight.


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