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Families, don’t you just want to kill them? Yeah, my day was pretty sour.

Started off with my mom asking for help so I did. Then this guy came over to look at the supports for the house and said we need new ones. After all that I watched some TV and played a game or two. Once my dad came home my mom, him, and I went shopping for food. First we went to Costco and picked up some frozen foods and I got the Indiana Jones Complete Set (fuck yes!). We dropped the frozen shit home and then went to Sam’s Club. There we got more food and I picked up the Band of Brothers set (fucking finally). Wal-mart was our next stop. We got misc things and shampoo. Once we got home my mom and dad were bitching about not having enough room because we need to throw crap away. I told them both to fuck off. I looked up outside and noticed a bright light going towards the ground fast (hence the title). Probably just a meteor.

Now I shall watch Band of Brothers. Fucking Nazis.


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