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Today was more interesting than yesterday for us Driver’s Ed kids. We learned about turns, drunk driving, road rage, signs and lights, and other shit. We did some worksheets and took a test. There was also a few movies we watched. Three of them were Disney cartoons which were utter crap and then we watched a video (still from Disney) but live action. The following is a quick summary (in my own words):

The is this teen chick who is being a smartass while studying with some fugly chick and the teen chick is past her curfew so she hurries home to make the mom happy. The mom starts to worry because her daughter isn’t home. The teen chick ends up breaking down on the freeway. She pulls to the side and starts walking down the freeway. The mom calls the friend’s house and they say she left. Worried mom goes out to search. Before she does the unworrying dad says that the teen chick called and said she broke down. The mom tells the dad to call a tow truck. The mom goes and to pick up stupid teen chick. They meet fat tow truck guy at the broken car. The stupid teen chick forgot something in the car and goes to get it for fatass tow truck guy. While she is in the car a drunk driver smacks the car and the teen chick flies 20 or so feet, shatters neck and dies. A supposedly sad “vision” happens and the real mom (based a real story) says shit about not drinking and driving.

Anyway, the movie sucked in more ways then one. I thought the acting and “vision” crap was lame. I had to laugh at a few parts and got some strange looks. Yeah, I can be a little morbid when it comes to laughable sad/death movies.


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