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Holy fucking shit. I hate the British missions. CAN’T YOU FUCKS SHOOT STRAIGHT!?

That is just about the only thing I did today. Nothing else. I watched a little TV, part of the Animatrix, and went to some websites. A few hours ago my parents took me to Taco Bell for dinner and then we went to Circuit City to get a DVD that was on sale. After that we went to K-Mart for whatever fucking reason. My mom wanted a keyring and asked someone to help her find it. When she asked the person they said exactly this: “A keyring, for like keys?” HOLY FUCKING SHITBAGS! You have to be fucking kidding me. Why else would you ask for one? IT HAS FUCKING KEY IN THE GODDAMN WORD YOU STUPID FUCKING BITCH! We looked where to person told us and it wasn’t there. The entire fucking store didn’t have one fucking keyring. So my mom bought some other stuff. While she was waiting in line I noticed a chick, probably late teens, buying a jug of lighter fluid. That’s it. Something is going to be lit up tonight.

Am I in a pissy mood? I am? Well fuck you and goodnight.


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  1. well boo hoo hoo. prey demo.

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