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Oh not so happy day!

So my interview was well, not today. Infact it will take place tomorrow due to the person not being there. So while I waited for my mom to get out of CommieWalMart I just walked around in CompUSA, FOR AN HOUR. So I stared a keyboard/mouse combo thing for 15 minutes.

After that mindrape I had to go to Albertsons to help my grandparents shop. Fun. Not. While there someone from school almost dismembered my brother’s head. Gave me a good laugh. We went over to my grandparent’s OLD PEOPLE PLACE and unloaded the stuff.

After wasting most of my day I sat down for some Metal Gear Solid 3 which has me pissed at the moment.

Can I just skip the last 3 days of school? Pretty please with bloody razors on top?


One Comment

  1. lol, need any help of MGS3 just ask, i beat the damn thing twice baby! XD

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