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Mmmm…sweet, juicy Bawls. Huh, what, oh.

Anyhoo, I am $33 closer to being able to get Ace Combat Zero which just happens to be released on Tuesday. I shall be uber at it by beating the game on Ace difficulty as I have done with 4 and 5. And I will automatically get the uber FALKEN since I beat both 4 and 5 and have the plane in 5. It will be glorious.

But to get that money I had to do some work, blistering work. Oh the humanity. Actually it was just mowing and trimming a lawn. The sweet, merciful horror! Ok, ok. So it wasn’t that bad, but it still sucked.

At the moment my parents are gone and I have my Bawls. Might put in for some Rainbow Six 3 time, or maybe Oblivion? Who knows. I want my Ace Combat Zero. I NEED IT!

And for those who want to know where I am in Stargate SG-1, I will be starting season 5 tomorrow. DAMN YOU APOPHIS!


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