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Here’s a recap of what I’ve gone through since my computer poo’d last Tuesday.

Tuesday – I was going to post a special something in the morning but ran out of time so I left it minimized. I come home and find my screen out of Windows. It said something like “Disk Boot Error. Insert recovery disk and press Enter.” Well, I had no recovery disk so I was fucked. I got all sad and shit and just went to sleep without dinner.

Wednesday – Went to school, endured bullshit, came home and watched Stargate SG-1 before being pulled away to a friend’s house.

Thursday – Last day of school before spring break. Pretty easy day. Went home and watched some more Stargate SG-1. Then I went to my friend’s house. Played a bunch of games. Later on in the night I headed out with anoter friend and we played a game of Risk. I owned until my empire fell.

Friday – I had spent the night at my friend’s house and we did lots of stuff. We then went back to the same guy house and played some Risk with other guys and some chicks. After a lot of them left we planned on one of their houses, so we headed to Safeway. On our way there we got pulled over by a cop. Not good, not good at all. All of us in the car were thinking what could happen. The cop came up and asked my friend for the usual. He used his flashlight to look in the windows at us (I was sitting behind the driver’s seat). The cop then asked my friend some questions and then walked back to the police car. We discussed what might happen and all these what if scenarios. The cop came back and said that my friend’s tail-light was out and then asked how long he had his licence. He told the cop he got it in December. The cop asked him if he knew about the law change and he said yes. Uh-oh. As the cop started to write the ticked he asked for all our names and age. We complied. Then he told my friend to go home. We were lucky. As we headed back my friend rebelled and fucking floored it to his house. He went in to tells his parents and me and my other friend headed off. What a night.

Saturday – After what happened the previous night we stayed indoors. Played some games and then I headed home.

Sunday – Watched more Stargate SG-1 and then some shows on the History Channel.

Today – Take a fucking guess.


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