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So today wasn’t so great.

I had my essay ready to turn in for my Advanced Composition class and as I pulled it out I noticed that the format got fucked. It probably happened when I was converting it from MS Works to MS Word. Fucking Microsoft. Anyway, I told the teacher and she will figure it out. I then went to staple the drafts all together and the stapler was being a bitch. It wouldn’t go all the way through so Kel made sure it went in. It did. I saw that the failed staples where sticking out the other side and went to push them down with my pencil. It slipped and one of the staple edges stabbed my index finger between the nail and skin. A little pain. Blood started coming out. No big deal. Others saw and said that I should get a band-aid. So I did. I wiped up the blood with a worksheet from the teacher. She didn’t want it back and I threw it away. :P

And then later it rained. I hate California’s stupid changing weather.


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