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Ugh. I was sick yesterday and went home from school. Good thing is that I am doing better today.

I played a little Empire at War. My Rebel campaign isn’t going so swell. The Empire is moving towards the Outer Rim and I can’t stop them. I’ve lost a few planets but I am managing to keep the good ones under my control. A counter-attack is coming if I can keep my forces alive.

Last night’s Batterstar Galactica kicked ass. Two more episodes left in the season and it is a two-parter to boot. First part is like a regular episode and the second part (a week later) will be a 90-minute episode. The preview for it has me fearing for a character. DON’T DIE PLEASE!

And finally, I have been tinkering with my Google page some more. I’ve moved stuff around and will be adding more. So keep checking it.



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