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Yes, I said ze. Deal with it.

Anyway, I’ve been having an interesting story going on in my head. An alternate universe if you must. It started as a dream, but whenver I get bored more and more gets added to it (ala day dream).

You’ll find it wierd, but fuck you.


It starts off as a normal school day. During lunch time I am hanging out like usual. I go to buy a drink when I get knocked by some guy. I turn around and get in some kind or argument. More people come over for the guy. I am pretty surrounded. Suddenly I just snap and yell “FUCK YOU ALL!” to them. They lunge at me and I just beat the fuck out of them one-by-one like I know expert kung-fu shit. The staff and cop come over. All the people who were in the fight got knocked out and the school staff holds me back. The cop handcuffs me and brings me to the office. He sets me in a seat and talks with the principal. I managed to jump the cop, take his keys and gun. After a brief struggle he gets knocked over a desk and I bail. While running I free myself from the handcuffs and run for the police car. I get in and unlock the guns from the locks. I start the car and drive towards the main quad. I get out and the cop starts running to the office door after me. I fire the shotgun missing him but shattering the glass. He takes cover behind a wall. I mess with some wires and a radio and rig the car’s gas tank to explode MacGyver style. As the explosion rocks the school I run towards the parking lot. I smash a car’s window with the shotgun butt and get it. As I start to hotwire the car I hear sirens heading towards me. The car starts and I jump the curb onto the street. The chase is on.


I’ll post the rest (that my mind has thought of) when I finish my essay for english.


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