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It starts off as a normal school day. During lunch time I am hanging out like usual. I go to buy a drink when I get knocked by some guy. I turn around and get in some kind or argument. More people come over for the guy. I am pretty surrounded. Suddenly I just snap and yell “FUCK YOU ALL!” to them. They lunge at me and I just beat the fuck out of them one-by-one like I know expert kung-fu shit. The staff and cop come over. All the people who were in the fight got knocked out and the school staff holds me back. The cop handcuffs me and brings me to the office. He sets me in a seat and talks with the principal. I managed to jump the cop, take his keys and gun. After a brief struggle he gets knocked over a desk and I bail. While running I free myself from the handcuffs and run for the police car. I get in and unlock the guns from the locks. I start the car and drive towards the main quad. I get out and the cop starts running to the office door after me. I fire the shotgun missing him but shattering the glass. He takes cover behind a wall. I mess with some wires and a radio and rig the car’s gas tank to explode MacGyver style. As the explosion rocks the school I run towards the parking lot. I smash a car’s window with the shotgun butt and get it. As I start to hotwire the car I hear sirens heading towards me. The car starts and I jump the curb onto the street. The chase is on.

I barrel down the street aimed directly at the oncoming police cars. They didn’t like the idea of playing chicken and pulled out of my way. I take a hard left and a few seconds later a hard right. The car handled pretty well while going past 100MPH. Cars and trucks were blurs as I passed them. The police tried to catch up but the chaos slowed them down. I got onto the freeway and noticed the highway patrol ready to join the pursuit. I sped past families in their vans and trucks with food. Helicopters hovered above. I noticed that they were not just police choppers, but news ones as well. I found myself at the tollbooths at the Bay Bridge. A traffic nightmare. The highway patrol and local units were closing in. I slammed on the breaks and came to a stop. I jumped out and ran towards the bridge. I get passed the booths and see the few dozen police cars stuck in the maze of cars. A tanker was about to pass me when I grabbed onto it. I pulled the door open and tossed the driver out. He cursed me as he hit the pavement. The gas pedal was slammed to the floor. It was about halfway across the bridge when I noticed the road block. I also noticed another tanker ahead of me. As I passed it and turned to block it. The driver slammed on his breaks to avoid me. It worked. He got out and ran towards the tolls. The road block moved in to apprehend me. I rigged the trucks to explode if I was to connect two wires and complete the circuit. A highway patrol helicopter moved in closer. I wasn’t giving up that easy and they knew it. Another chopper with a sniper unit appeared. I motioned a gun in one hand and the wires in the other. The sniper fired. The bullet hit me in the stomach. As I fell I completed the circuit. My vision went blank and my ears heard nothing.

I found myself on the ground of someone’s room. My wounds treated. I thought to myself about what happend. I couldn’t remember much. I walked around, no one was there. I found a remote for a TV. I turned it on. The news appeared. They were talking about how a crazed teen went postal and ended up severely damaging the Bay Bridge. I remembered now. I did it. Sirens blarred in the distance. Somehow they found me. How? I found my things in another room. Police cars came into view as I peaked through the door opening. Fuck. I looked up and found a vent. As I unlatched it the police stopped their cars and got ready to storm the room. I crawled into the ventilation ducts and reattached the cover. They bashed the door open and screamed for me to come out. I kept crawling. The ducts ended with another cover. I kicked it open. It was a laundry room. I kicking climbed out and ran out the door. It was San Francisco I was in. The skyscrapers towered over me. Downtown. A police unit driving by noticed me. As it spun around I ran towards car to jack it. I was off again. I sped down the steep slopes and headed towards the piers. A car transport ship was docked. I launched the car off the loading ramp into the ship. The car smashed into the wall. I recieved a few scratches. I peeled out of the car and sprinted towards the nearest boarding ramp. I exited the ship and hopped in a medium sized boat.

The throttle was pushed to the limit. I jetted out of the docking area and sped towards the other side of the bay. The police must have called for backup as a Coast Guard helicopter flew over the horizon directly at me. It shot a few warning shots. I wasn’t going to let that scare me. They changed their mind and shot towards the engines to kill it. I dodged the shots and saw their ships heading for me. I let go of the wheel, grabbed a pistol and fired at the choppers gun. Took it out. The gunner was shocked. I put the gun in my pocket and headed on. The boat was going full speed as I hit the shore. I ended up hitting the boats control board. Police were coming and I got off the boat. There was a parking garage a little way up a street. I ran in and hid among the cars. The cops surrounded the place. Familiar I thought. I heard a chopper above and decided to check it out. A SWAT helicopter was dropping off a group of four. Under the sound of the copter I snuck behind them and ripped out the pilot. I now had a chopper.

I flew off towards the northeast. The police and news people were shocked at what just occured. They pursued me. I ended up landing the helicopter down the street from my school. My entourage wasn’t far behind. I ran towards the cleaned up quad. The staff noticed me and sounded the inturder bell. Teens ran to the nearest class to hide for it was lunch time. I pushed my way through into my english room taking the teacher and four students with me. I knew them. I told them to shut up and to get on the ground. The police surrounded the room. No way out. The police didn’t want a stand-off. I wasn’t going to let them have their way. Hour passed with no solution in sight. Wounded from the day’s events I started to faint from the blood draining from my gunshot that was irritated. One of the students took that advantage and signaled the SWAT team.

They were going to storm in.


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